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Rules of the Sanctuary (READ THIS!!)

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Posted 28 August 2006 - 04:55 PM

Welcome to Chozo Sanctuary. Although we are lenient on most rules, there are a few which we will not allow to be broken:

Do not spam.
Do not flame.
Do not make alternate accounts.
Do not complain about punishments.

Information about these rules can be found below:

Do not spam - Spamming is considered anything that doesn't add to the conversation. Spamming is treated seriously here. Beware, this is a very important rule.

Additionally, it is mandatory that you think through all your posts. Everyone here is intelligent, so act like it. One or two word posts are very rarely acceptable, and are never acceptable in the midst of discussions. If you pepper intelligent discussions with vapid replies, you will be warned.

Do not flame - There is no need to attack other people. If you find something wrong with a situation, fix it in a civilized manner. This rule also includes the flaming of any religious or political beliefs and related subjects. We're a gaming forum, so there's no point in bashing each others personal beliefs.

Abuse of the forum's topic rating and reputation systems will also be treated as flaming. Such abuse may result in the removal of such abilities for your account, in addition to standard punishment.

Do not make alternate accounts - Do NOT make multiple accounts, one account is good enough. Creation of multiple accounts will result in your extra accounts being deleted or merged with your main account, along with punishment of your main account. Depending on the extent of the offense, punishment may be treated severely.

Do not complain about being punished - Do NOT complain publicly about your warn level, ban, or other punishments given to you by an admin. Please use the Messenger to contact an admin (Spameroo, Mega, EP, Prime) if you feel your punishment was unjustified.

Other then that, you should be good. Enjoy your stay here at the Sanctuary.


Chozo Sanctuary operates on a three-strike policy, which is tied to your Warn Level. If you break a rule one time, you will be given a warning and your level will be raised to 33% - this is one strike. You will never be warned without explanation and only you and moderators can see your level, so consider a warning an excellent chance to correct mistakes in your habits without humiliation.

If you break a rule while at the 33% Warn Level, your warning will be elevated to 66% and you will be Ghosted. See below for information on Ghosting.

If you break a rule while at the 66% Warn Level, your warning will be elevated to 100% and you will be banned for a length of time determined by the administration. When or if that time is up you will be returned to a 66% level, as a Chozo Ghost.

Please remember that admins will be able to Ghost or ban you at any level and "three strikes" aren't always given. If your actions are worth a Ghosting or banning, one will be given.

One final note, with pristine behavior, in time strikes can be taken away, but this is solely at the discretion of the Elders. DO NOT ask for a strike to be removed or the opposite may very well occur.


Ghosting is one step below being banned. If you get Ghosted your user group will be changed to "Chozo Ghost". You will still be allowed to post at Chozo Sanctuary, but you will be stripped of many privileges, including making threads. Ghosting happens whenever you do something stupid or off-limit, but it isn't bad enough to warrant a ban. Ghosting lasts for any amount of time.

EDIT 11/23/11: Made rules for complaints more clear.

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