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Posted 16 December 2014 - 09:05 AM

I never knew there was a jurassic park comic. Is the story based on any of the novels/movies, or does it do its own dino shit?



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Posted 17 December 2014 - 05:40 PM

Still been reading the Fire and Stone comics from Dark Horse. Prometheus finished itself off fairly well, and I'm hoping the rest can do the same. There's so much potential for greatness left. Apparently the real end will be a large trade paperback. Looking forward to that!


Wayward finished its first five issue arc, and I'm giving the final issue a perfect score. The series has been very, very good already, but that last issue was great. So much action and brutality. Ending was good too.


Lastly, IDW have been pumping out shitloads of MLP comics that I've been reading, and the latest ones have been surprisingly good. Not great, but good.


i've been having a lot of fun with comics lately!



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Posted 21 December 2014 - 08:18 PM



So I've uncovered a new comic series called Tooth and Claw that's basically furries + dark fantasy. First two issues are out, and both are solid. THe first issue is actually fantastic, though the second one has some problems that have the potential to grow. But that first issue is such great writing that I'm giving this the benefit of the doubt for now. Art style and world building are top notch, and the coloring is fucking impressive.


Worth a look, especially given that the issues are pretty thick and fairly cheap, all things considered.


Just finished the fourth Aliens: Fire and Stone comic. Didn't like that one so much. The Aliens side of this series really has been weak. It ends with little more than a repeat of questions that have already been asked. Pretty lame, honestly.


At least it looked pretty while heading out.

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Billy "Buford" Morgil

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Posted 13 October 2015 - 06:07 PM

So apparently this is a thing






It's free to download, and is just... weird, but in a good way.



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Posted 14 October 2015 - 09:38 AM

Wow, it's been a long while since I posted here. So the comics I've been reading:




Tooth and Claw




Pretty much all of those are from Image save the last one, and pretty much all of them rule. The top one has been a little rough in its start (it jumps around a lot and thus becomes confusing) but is shaping up to be a cool story about underground demons/vampires/etc living in California. Second is a goofy space opera with a ton of toilet humor and cursing. Very fun. Third is the aforementioned furfag series that's wonderful. Fourth is American Gods but set in Japan. Fifth is ponies.


Basically, <3 Image Comics



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Posted 18 November 2015 - 12:10 PM

Another update. Picked up the first issue of Squirrel Girl and man, it's okay. Was kinda hoping that a C-list Marvel star riding on a NEW ORIGIN STORY would be easy to get into, but there are still references to all kinds of other Marvel shit that just confused me.


Also, the art style is so flat and comic-booky.


On the reverse, I'm also now diving into I Hate Fairyland which might become my favorite comic ever. I'ts so fucking funny! Basic premise is a girl wants to go on a magical adventure, gets sucked into Fairyland, and 27 years later, hasn't found a way out. SHe's now very pissed, an alcoholic, and somehow found a militia of weapons.


Poor, poor fairyland.


Fucking spectacular. Laugh at almost every page.

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Posted 20 May 2016 - 08:54 PM

... sooooo... Those DC Rebirth leaks...


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Posted 21 May 2016 - 05:52 AM

I'm not a DC fan so I don't know what any of that means. Except the past about three jokers, what?



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Posted 21 May 2016 - 07:14 AM

I picked up the giant, hardcover 30th annual Dark Horse Aliens remaster thing. The good news is that it's pretty awesome, and that story works better as a comic than a novel (I owned the books when in high school). The artwork is amazing.


The bad news is it isn't the complete fucking story but the first six comics. So this "complete and unabridged" is neither of those things. From that perspective, it really wasn't worth the price :\



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Posted 08 June 2016 - 08:33 PM

So the website I review comics for has started up its own podcast called Comics Dash. Actually tha'ts a lie, we've rebooted it for the third time, so now we have three episode ones. Fitting since comic books reboot all the time.


I'm a host (and I edit), and it's been fun for all of my first episode. Second tomorrow.


Reason I'm posting is that in doing this, I'm getting to read comics I noramlly wouldn't, like DC shit. I don't care for it thus far. Batman Rebirth #1 was crap, and Superman Rebirth #1 wasn't much better. I'm not sure if this is the storytelling norm, but yeah. Get to read Wonderwoman #1 tomorrow so we'll see how that goes!


On the Image front, Wolf has ended its second arc and it's been pretty good. The Black Road is also one I've started, about a viking guy and Christianity. IT's dark as fuck but enjoyable. It's possible I've talked about both of these already, but CS is loading os fucking slowly that I'm not gonna shift back a page to check.


Oh, the Prometheus LIFE AND DEATH series has started. Solid first showing. Enjoying the hell out of this.

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