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So... What are you playing? (general discussion)

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#1021 Bobby Lee "Buford" Robok

Bobby Lee "Buford" Robok

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Posted 03 June 2018 - 06:43 PM

Xenoblade 2 DLC. And Smash 4.

#1022 HAL_9000


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Posted 05 June 2018 - 09:50 AM

I've been playing Star Cruiser lately. It's a pretty cool first person RPG-ish game, with rudimentary 3d polygonal graphics in outdoor sections, and raster graphics in dialogue and inside buildings. You fight enemies in real time with lasers and missiles, but the combat isn't that great. The story is pretty interesting, and the game spans across multiple galaxies that you can fly to manually or with a warp. The music is great, and really fits the feel of the game.


It was pretty popular in Japan, where it released for the Sharp X68000 and was later ported to the Sega Megadrive. I'm playing an English patch of the Megadrive version, as I was unable to find a patch for the X68000 release. The core game remains the same, although the game runs better on the X68k, and has different/better music.

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#1023 Lame "PBluafnotr4d2" 87421F


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Posted 09 June 2018 - 07:51 PM

Most recently been going through Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir. I got it about a year ago, stated it, and then kinda forgot about it. Kinda wished it was really Muramasa: The Semen Blade, even though I have that on Wii. I didn't like it much at first, but now I'm getting into it and it's kinda fun. The story is corny-ass melodramatic Livejournal romance - at least from some of the parts I've played - but I'm enjoying it between the cringes.

#1024 Billy "Buford" Morgil

Billy "Buford" Morgil

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Posted 10 June 2018 - 05:02 AM

I've been bouncing back and fourth between Pirate Warriors 3 on Switch, and trying to finish up Dragon Quest 7. In DQ7 in particular, I've been doing a slew of grinding to master all of the job classes before tackling the final boss and post-game super boss.


Meanwhile, over in One Piece land, despite my previous gripes about the game only being in Japanese, it's actually a pretty fun game. I'm glad i'm already familiar with this type of game from having played Hyrule Warriors.

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