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Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy

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Posted 15 August 2016 - 05:17 PM

It's with a heavy heart that I bump this thread with the 20th reply, pushing it into onto the 3rd page and leaving behind the glorious 2nd page full of pictures and reveal videos and shit... :<


But the story goes on!


Final Fantasy XV has been officially delayed to November 29th. Director Hajime Tabata has prepared an address to the world in Japanese, and you can view the video subtitled in English if you enable closed captions.



It's a 5-minute video in which Tabata explains the circumstances behind the delay. Knowing about the delay rumors, Tabata seems to beat around the bush and repeat himself in several ways before getting to the point of the the announcement (IT'S BEEN DELAYED SRY GUYZ).


My summary: Tabata said that they started this project with the intent of creating this "Final Fantasy that was so outstanding and amazing, that it would send other games running in a panic." The game would have to be of utmost quality before release. The base game, dubbed the "Master Version," is actually complete, and would please the majority of game fans in its current state; however, they feel it is still not quite good enough to release as is. A "Day-1 Patch" was being prepared to meet the launch deadline, but this patch was getting pretty hefty in size, and it would have to come at the expense of excluding everyone who doesn't have Internet access to download this patch. After 10 years, they aren't willing to take a risk that they would regret, so they are delaying the project by two months so they can properly deliver the Master Version with the Day-1 Patch included right on the disc.


On the bright side, tomorrow (August 16th), they will release a 30-minute video of footage from the finalized product (Master Version)! :D

Also, FFXV will be playable at Gamescom (wheneverthefuck that is; nothing but E3 matters), right from the beginning of the game.




One Moooooooooore Thing!


Here is a video of the first 12 minutes of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV! :D





Yeah, I watched it, and I'm really feeling it so far. :3

I'm definitely gonna get the Deluxe Edition of this game when it comes out. The Ultimate Edition is way too much money, but even if I felt crazy enough to buy it, it's pretty much out of stock everywhere, since only 30,000 units were planned.





The Deluxe Edition contains the game, along with the additional items above--most notably, the Kingsglaive movie on Blu-Ray. This edition is $89.99, but--as I always have to plug--I'll be getting it for 20% off with my Gamers Club Unlocked membership from Best Buy! After out 7% state tax, the total would ring up to $96.28; but with my GCU membership discount, I'll only pay $77.03! That's like... getting the game at regular price and then getting Kingsglaive for $10. Fuck yes, plz.


I'm not a fan of the special edition steelbook box art, though. It's fancier than the normal edition box, but I still prefer the basic box.




After seeing this box art, I find the below (spoiler'd for size/reposting) simplified sketch to be fucking hilarious for some reason. :P



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Posted 16 August 2016 - 12:40 PM

Yeah cause it looks like a dick.


I'd never thought you'd be this pumped for a final fantasy game.

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Posted 16 August 2016 - 01:38 PM

Yeah cause it looks like a dick.


I'd never thought you'd be this pumped for a final fantasy game.


Me neither. I've always liked/respected the Final Fantasy franchise, and I've wanted to like the actual games, but the gameplay always stopped me before I could finish any of them. At least that was the case prior to Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, which I 100%'d. That game maintained a good story and setting while revolving around a mostly (or purely) action-oriented system.


The reason why I'm so prepared to dive balls deep into FFXV is the same reason that purists (like Morgil) are so turned off by it: Classic time-based battle system be damned in favor of an action game with RPG elements. They've essentially turned Final Fantasy into Kingdom Hearts--which is a wonderful thing for me--but I still fear that it's still not Kingdom Hearts-y enough. Sometimes the system still feels a bit unwieldy, compared to KH's smooth motion. I'm sure I could get used to it, though. If nothing else, the world is fucking beautiful and the giant monsters are breathtaking. I seriously don't know how the hell we're supposed to take down some of these fucking behemoths, and I'm excited to find out how that is (and hope that it won't be cheap unconvincing bullshit).




It's because of shit like this that I frequently wonder why you aren't more into this game by now. You like your Monhun, you like your JRPGs, and you like story-heavy games... so it makes me wonder why your peepee isn't the least bit tingled by this game's offerings. I kinda figured you were ignoring most of the new vids and shit, but I didn't think that was exactly the case either. What's ur take then?


I guess here's a good point to insert this. I don't know how the hell I overlooked it, but today I found this month-old hype video for the "FFXV Universe," which includes the feature length movie, the anime, the mobile game, and of course the main game itself.



Still not hyped?




Okay, time for more new shit!


First here's a trailer for Episode 4 of Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV... an episode which comes out in less than 24 hours--and no other episode got a trailer prior to launch as far as I know nvm, every episode had a preview trailer and I'm just fuckin' dumb--but here's a trailer nonetheless! :P



The full episode will be out tomorrow (August 17th) at 8am PDT/ 11am EDT, so you can look forward to another of my updates tomorrow. ^_^ Cuz I know how much you all are loving these updates! :3




Oooooooookay! And here's the moment you've all been waiting for--the promised gameplay footage from the finalized Master Version of Final Fantasy XV! :D

...but it's not the promised 30 minutes length... Instead, it's 53 minutes long!!! :D


I haven't even seen this yet; I'm about to watch it now. I couldn't really watch it at work because I was afraid I'd have to walk around with a raging boner for the rest of the day if I did.











Fucking hell, how have I overlooked so many old videos?! Here's a third one I've missed, this one from 2 months ago... shit.


This is the flying car! Watch it drive, take off, fly around, and..... land!




While I'm at it, I'm looking through more of the official page's videos, and I wasn't surprised to come across even more unseen shit uploaded months ago. Check out this presumably incomplete tour of  the bustling watery city. I especially love when it turns night time. :)


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#24 Bobby Lee "Buford" Robok

Bobby Lee "Buford" Robok

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Posted 17 August 2016 - 03:27 PM

I am more hyped for this than Persona 5. I'm waiting to see.

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Posted 17 August 2016 - 05:17 PM

Alrighty, time for the daily update! I don't think there's anything new prepared for tomorrow, but here's Episode 4 of Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV!

This one's significantly more serious, so it sucks when it suddenly ends and you want moar. :<



There are 5 episodes of Brotherhood planned, with a 6th one exclusive to those who snag one of the severely limited (30,000 copies), 270-dollar Ultimate Collector's Editions (in other words, watch that shit on YouTube before Squeenix takes them down).


Producer Akio Ofuji said that more episodes could be made, depending on public reception, though I'm not sure how much is a lot. Episode 1 (from March) currently has 2.1 Million views; Episode 2 has about 600K cumulative (across both language "versions") views; Episode 3 has about 335K cumulative views; and while it only came out today, Episode 4 is sitting at only about 15.5K views. It's natural for older videos to have greater volumes of hits, but I wonder if they view this as steep as a decline in interest as I perceive it. Judging from YouTube hits alone, I don't think we'll be getting more Brotherhood episodes. :P What are your thoughts?




Might as well dump one more video in here. While this isn't gameplay shit, it's a 2:39-long video interview with badass composer Yoko Shimomura. She's the composer of all the Kingdom Hearts games, and she's composing the music for both FFXV and the feature length Kingsglaive film. This will be her first Final Fantasy game, as Nobuo Uematsu previously handled mostly all the other games' soundtracks.


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Posted 23 August 2016 - 04:00 AM

Here's a video of the English voice actors. They all sound really good, but it's corny to see Gladio's VA scream with a raspy voice next to the character himself. :P I guess it's cuz he looks nothing at all like Gladio and his real voice is so different.

Also interesting is that they give a short bio of their own character so we have a better idea/refresher of what expect.

I'd also like to take a moment to express how happy I am that, so far, there has not been shown hair nor hide of any moogle in Final Fantasy XV. I never liked chocobos or moogles, so ideally I wouldn't want either in the game. Thankfully, the chocobos are handled as realistically as they could be, fitting with the whole "This is a Fantasy based on reality" thing. Moogles, on the other hand, are just cutesy, fuzzy, talking, ball-tailed, floating, Chinese monsters that say "kupo" all the time because that's kawaii. I'm still expecting to see one in the game in SOME form... maybe an emblem or a sword hilt, etc., but I'm pretty optimistic about the absence of live moogles in FFXV. :)

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Posted 25 August 2016 - 02:10 PM

Well, I ordered my copy of the Deluxe Edition with 20% off of $90 thru GCU, AAAAAAAND I got to apply $10 in rewards, making the total just above the retail+tax, so I get Kingsglaive for a couple bucks extra. :)




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Posted 01 September 2016 - 12:13 PM

The mobile game Justice Monsters Five launched a couple of days ago, though I just found out about it last night when I found this launch trailer on YouTube.



This trailer shows...just about nothing about the game. The in-game music is as hype as you hear in the trailer, and the art style is the same, but the gameplay is... where? This is unfortunate, because the actual gameplay is actually a lot more fun than this shitty trailer would lead you to believe.


If you're interested in this game, or would like a really cool, unique, and free mobile game (with no ads), I would highly suggest checking this out as soon as possible. Why? Because there's a launch promotion going on from launch through September 13th where the Rare Monster obtainment rate is "sky high!" You'll even have a chance to get the Super Rare (SR) legendary monsters of Ramuh, Ifrit, Golem, Shiva, and even the coveted Bahamut in the Monster Spin mode! 



How does it work? You pay 25 Golden Orbs to "Monster Spin," and then this interplanetary truck driving monster zips around and drops a trailer on your ass, giving you a random monster to add to your collection. You can get these Golden Orbs by playing the game, and by participating in the daily log-in promotions (which may or may not be limited to this launch window; I'm still trying to learn shit about this game). For now, there's a little banner near the top of the home menu screen.



As you can see, those 3 monsters are my main party as of now, and there's an "R" next to his name/element/level, which stands for Rare. I got a few Rares by using the Monster Spin during this promo period.


While this game is a free download, it's got some pretty disgusting opportunities to spend a lot more with an in-game store. So far, it seems completely unnecessary to spend real money, as you can kick ass pretty easily with the entry level monsters you're given and unlock on your own, but they have offers for spending up to $70 for those coveted Golden Orbs.



I scrolled down so you can see the expensive options, but even the $0.99 option is extremely expensive for what you'll get out it: only 5 Golden Orbs. Again, a Monster Spin costs 25 orbs, so that's ridiculous. Do you want 25 orbs? That'll be $3.99, which is still a HELL of a lot when you consider that you're rolling the dice and can potentially end up with a shitty UC (uncommon) tier monster. Just... wow.



So yeah, come get while the gettin's good!

I'm guessing there probably won't be a better time to get the rarest and strongest monsters than right now. :)




This video also popped up yesterday. The video itself is the same "World of Wonder" video from the Uncovered event. It's the most impressive one from the show, IMO, but this time it's got Noctis talking over it in English. The voice itself is alright, but the shit he says, and the way it's spaced out, results in a very corny and borderline facepalm-inducing vid.





This is a promotional video for Final Fantasy XV. You can tell this group is having fun with this project, creating so much extraneous shit for... entertainment? This one actually backfiring on them, though. I proudly secured the 700th Thumbs Down on this video. It was fun seeing it jump from 699 to 700. ^_^ It's currently at about 650 up/950 down. But seriously, this is hard to watch. This formerly-top comment words it best:


"Warpstrikeing is cool. This though? This cringe right here? That isnt cool. Do not ruin Warpstrikeing for me."

(Well, I hate how he includes the "e" in "Warpstriking")


View at your own risk.





Speaking of the team going far beyond the requirements for producing a game and having fun with other shit, here's an older video of the team with Epic Meal Time.



I actually don't like Epic Meal Time. It always makes me think about the people who go hungry every day while these pigs create these wasteful monstrous food abominations, but the contents of this video weren't as offensive. :P

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Posted 11 September 2016 - 12:17 PM

A few days ago, during work hours, there was a live streaming of the London Philharmonic Orchestra performing music from Final Fantasy XV at Abbey Road Studios. Composer Yoko Shimomura was present at the event, and provided answers to short interview questions about the creation of some of the songs in between some of the performances. The conductor has the orchestra playing many of these songs in a tempo slightly slower than the original score, but I think the composition is untouched.


Most of the songs played have been revealed to the public, except for the 8th song (Noctis's theme). Also, the 4th song (Luna's theme) may be new to many, but those who have seen Kingsglaive would have heard it there.


The 57-minute video below opens with a familiar trailer. Concert coverage actually begins at 2:40.



Here is the list of songs played, along with links to their times in the video:


1. Song of the Stars / Dawn - 4:40

2. Fight Fantastica - 8:30

3. Nox Aeterna - 13:42

4. Luna - 17:42

5. End of the Road - 22:32 [the "Game Over" theme]

6. Wonderful View (Tentative Name) - 24:15

7. Starlit Waltz - 26:02

8. Noctis - 30:44

9. Omnis Lacrima - 35:48 [the "Shit Your Pants Cuz You Just Encountered A Giant Boss" theme]

10. Veiled Aggression - 41:20

11. Somnus - 46:52

12. Apocalypsis Noctis - 51:48


This may be a spoiler (but it's not like any of you fucks are gonna watch this anyway :P), but for the final song, Yoko Shimomura herself takes to the piano and plays along with the orchestra! Shit's so epic. Watching her play in the last song makes the closing performance feel like you're watching a final boss fight. :D So fuckin' awesome. ^_^




In other related music shit, here's something I've been meaning to post this for a while now. I really love a lot of the music from Justice Monsters Five. Seriously, mobile game music has no right to be this good. Mobile games aren't even video games. They're just apps for girls to use and pretend they are playing video games.


Okay, no, for real though, JMV is a much better game than it appears to be (and drains your battery harder than anything I've ever seen), and its music sets the mood for menus and battles perfectly. I'll leave it up to you guys to look for more songs yourself (or just download the fucking game and actually experience these firsthand like they're meant to be), but here's one of them.



This is my personal favorite. It plays when you've got a boss on the ropes. Once its HP drops below 50%, the feels begin to rush as this stellar track kicks in. :D The only bad part is that I never get to hear the entire song in-game, because I destroy the boss before the half-way point through the song. I think the furthest I've gotten is about 75% through the first loop.

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Posted 13 September 2016 - 04:45 PM

Here's the TGS trailer for FFXV!


...Okay, don't get excited, it fucking sucks. Kinda. It's shit compared to the recent trailers, but it's not as bad as the shitty "dad crying outside by his car while baby sleeps soundly in his arms for three minutes" trailer, which was extra face-slappy considering that back then we were starved for new FFXV footage and all we got was a long trailer that showed absolutely nothing worthwhile.


BUT YEAH! This is not so bad. Just don't expect to hear anything in English. :P





Whoa, okay. I don't know why the hell that trailer even exists. Here's a longer version of the TGS 2016 trailer, AND it's got English text! Now THIS is a fuckin' trailer! :D


It shows off some new shit, too, including a new Summon near the end. :)


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