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Call of Duty: Black Ops III

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Posted 14 December 2015 - 01:52 PM

The first major update to Black Ops 3 is now available on PS4 (it will come to X-Box One and PC later):


The update brings a lot of stuff and changes including new weapon DLC.


>> New combat knife variants (available via Supply Drops only).  The variants do the same thing as the combat knife (one hit kills).

>> New burn duplicates function added to the Black Market.  If you amassed a lot of duplicate items from Supply Drops, you can burn all of them to get some Crytokeys back.

>> There are other things in the 1.04 update including ranking updates, but there isn't an extensive change log yet.

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Posted 01 February 2016 - 02:45 PM



The Awakening DLC is live for downloading now on PS4.  There are three new maps and a remake of Hijacked from Blops 2, Skyjacked.


On the Zombies side, the Der Eisendrache map is available for players.  It continues the story of the original survivors (Tank Dempsey and so on).


Map lockout feature added to multiplayer.  Players can no longer infinitely vote for a map they just played on (so sorry if you liked Combine 24/7 =P ).


Friendly fire kills from your AI-controlled Scorestreaks will no longer get you kicked from Hardcore matches.  These include friendly fire kills from Cerberus's Patrol Mode, Talon in Escort Mode, Wraith, RAPS, and GI Unit (Patrol and Escort modes).


Friendly Scorestreaks that are attacked by teammates will no longer incur damage from friendly fire in Hardcore modes.


Spawn fixes in TDM and Kill Confirmed.  Lightning Strike spawns are also fixes to coordinate with their explosive blast radius's.


Combat Records are no longer private.  Anyone can look up records of anyone else.


Specialist tweaks:

Nomad - Rejacked buffed slightly.  You will get up faster after triggering Rejacked.

Reaper - Slightly nerfed.  Repear's footstep audio now matches other specialists with and without Dead Silence and/or Awareness equipped (pre-patch Reaper had Dead Silence built-in).

Specter - Nerfed.  If you're killed after triggering Ripper, a lot more of your Specialist gauge is lost on being killed while Ripper is active.


Weapons, Perks, and Attachments:

Rapid Fire buffed/nerfed across all weapons.

FMJ:  No longer does increased damage to the Safeguard robot (FMJ doesn't recognize the robot as a Scorestreak).

Awareness:  Nerfed.  Enemies now need to be closer for you to hear them.


SMGs General:  Slight nerf.  Sprint-out speed reduced for all SMGs.

Assault Rifles:  ICR, XR-2, and Sheiva has ADS accuracy increases.  XR-2's recoil reduced slightly.

Shotguns: Argus and KRM - Lethal damage range extended.  You can one-shot people from farther away now.

LMGs General:  Slight buff.  ADS accuracy improved for all LMGs.

Snipers: Locus has a slight buff.  ADS accuracy improved.



Cerberus, Hellstorm, Mothership, RAPS Deploy Ship, and GI Unit all buffed.  Air support all have health/extra flares so it takes more rockets to bring down (nerfing the BlackCell and the other rocket launcher).


You can read the full changelog at the link above.

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Posted 10 June 2016 - 01:57 PM

I honestly have stopped posting about the game since I don't have it and I really haven't heard anything of interest since the second DLC pack was released.



The rumored 10th specialist for Blops 3's multiplayer has been confirmed by Treyarch today as Blackjack, the Black Market dealer.  In an update to be released on June 14th (PS4 gets this first), Blackjack will be released along with brand new contracts (new daily and weekly contracts).


The way Blackjack is unlocked is a bit weird.  See he's not available right away as he can only be unlocked after successfully fulfilling a weekly contract, but with a catch.  When you complete a weekly contract, you'll get a mercenary contract in which you can hire Blackjack for an hour of in-game time in Blops 3's multiplayer.  After you use Blackjack for 60 minutes in-game for the week, he will be locked away again until you complete the following week's challenge.


Blackjack's weapon and special ability are themed around gambling.  If you fill your specialist gauge as Blackjack using his specialist weapon, the kill shot that filled your gauge will award you with the specialist weapon your enemy has.  So if you use Blackjack to kill Nomad and he was using HIVE, Blackjack will get the HIVE if Nomad's death filled Blackjack's specialist gauge.


If you do not trigger the specialist weapon, you have a second specialist weapon slot as Blackjack in which each kill after you fill your gauge to get the first specialist weapon, you'll receive the specialist weapon of each enemy you kill afterwards.  However each new kill will overwrite your second stored specialist weapon.  Of course you cannot use two specialist weapons at once.  Once you pick a weapon to use, you'll automatically discard the other specialist weapon in your storage.  So you can't follow up with say Purifier after using Tempest as Blackjack.


Kills to fill up your specialist gauge as Blackjack with his weapon can only be done via killstreaks.  The gauge will not fill up over time.  If you die before filling the gauge, you start filling the gauge all over again on respawn.


The special ability of Blackjack is similar to the weapon, but goes in a bit of a different direction.  When going into battle with Blackjack's ability, your Specialist gauge will fill more quickly and when it is full, you will receive a random specialist ability.  If you do not like the random ability you get, you can only discard it once for a different random ability.  After the one discard, you must use the randomly acquired ability to be able to randomly get another ability again.

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Posted 29 July 2016 - 07:13 AM

I must say this Fracture Mode looks fun as hell.  It seems to blend Capture the Flag with Kill Confirmed.



It makes me wish this was around back in Blops 2, but it would be a moot point now due to nobody playing anything else but TDM, FFA, Search, and Domination.  =/


EDIT - Oh, the team score limit to win the match in Fracture was raised to 75 at last check.  It originally debuted to 60.

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Posted 29 July 2016 - 07:36 AM

I wish this was on BO2 too. I almost never play BO3 cuz dual analog is a bitch after playing Wiimote for years.

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