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Halloween 2015

Halloween Costume Cosplay Party Festivities Traditions

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Posted 31 October 2015 - 09:01 PM

I dunno. I'm not really sure what the difference is. I just know my dad has to take a pill every day and can't drink regular soda or certain foods with too much sugar in them.


Pill and diet only? Type 2. Type 1 is the one where your body kills your pancreas and you do shots or are on a pump or you're dead in a couple of days. Type 2 is more of a gradient, usually "insulin resistance" where the body doesn't use insulin effectively. Sometimes controllable just with diet, sometimes with pills, sometimes it goes all the way to needing insulin. Or at least that's my understanding, as I've never been type 2.


But, to keep this on topic, who's going to catch diabetes now with halloween candy? :D



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Posted 01 November 2015 - 06:50 AM

Halloween plans:


Wait until day after

Buy shitloads of candy on discount

Guess it's mine since I can't give it out

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Posted 04 November 2015 - 08:16 PM


When I can play video games around this time of year, I try to choose themed games to the Halloween holiday. This year I played some Plants vs. Zombies, and Resident Evil 4. Last year I played the Borderlands holiday pack in BL2 & a bit of Leon's missions in RE6. Year before I also played the BL2 Halloween themed pack and Dead Island for several hours. The Nintendo eshop on Wii U had spooky Halloween themed music playing and themed out the games accordingly for the holiday.

Last year I distinctly remember driving to work and hearing The Monster Mash & Thriller. It completely caught me off guard; I wasn't expecting it at all. I'm so used to the Christmas music that Halloween themed music seemed shocking to hear on the radio haha.

Fiance got me the final Halloween flick on bluray and I watched it Sunday evening. Such a classic, but I had forgotten how it ended. While we usually carve pumpkins and roast the seeds, this year we painted them--I did a Boo from Mario, she did R2D2, and we made a black cat to represent our black cat, Luna. I dressed as a vault dweller and got quite a few compliments. The 2 parties we attended were sweet--the lady hosting the one has all kinda of legit decorations, like Michael Meyers, The Scream Ghoul, bitch from the exorcism, girl first shown in The Walking Dead, a werewolf, Jack Skelington, and a shitload of others, all life sized. Not to mention all the little decor and yard signage and blow up decprations too. Second party had a huge fog machine and painted bloody hands and footprints everywhere. Not as decked out but still awesome.

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