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Nintendo 2nd Quarter Fiscal Year 2015 Briefing

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Posted 29 October 2015 - 06:42 AM

Recently Nintendo had it's 2nd quarter of Fiscal Year 2015 Briefing in which it was anticipated Nintendo would reveal its first smartphone software and maybe details of their new membership service (and maybe a NX teaser).


You can view presentation slides from the briefing here:



Nintendo did make three announcements from the briefing along with providing sales numbers for existing software/toys.


Announcement 1:  Miitomo, a communications applicate for smartphones.

Announcement 2:  Miitomo, Nintendo's first smartphone software, was delayed until March 2016.

Announcement 3:  My Nintendo, Club Nintendo's replacement, launching in March 2016.*


* I don't know if Japan and/or Europe had a My Nintendo before Club Nintendo, but in the US this will be the second incarnation of My Nintendo.


I'll spin off some new threads for these announcements and keep this thread strictly on the financials part of it and what Nintendo plans to do ahead.




Miyamoto doesn't say anything about NX (or did anyone else at Nintendo), but Miyamoto did say Nintendo is persuing the kids demographic especially with their future smarthphone offerings.





Nintendo's smartphone offerings will mostly be global and any IP is up for consideration for use in the mobile sphere.  The IP doesn't have to be limit to just mobile offerings.  Nintendo will also use IP for visual content and merchandise and other areas.




Nintendo outlines their mobile plans especially with DeNA.





Nintendo released amiibo sales information.  There have been 22 million shipments worldwide with over half of all shipments going to the US.  In the US, the Zelda series amiibo have been the most popular with Link (#1), Zelda (#4), and Toon Link (#7) at the top.




In addition to the kids demographic Nintendo is persuing with smartphone offerings, Nintendo also wants to go after the female demographic with future 3DS offerings.




Nintendo will continue 3DS support only with evergreen titles and the updated Nintendo Selects line.  I really hope Tomodachi Life can quality for Nintendo Selects in America...




While Wii U sales aren't mind blowing like Wii and DS sales were, the Wii U is up thanks to Splatoon and Super Mario Maker.




Nintendo is continuing to see increases in digital downloads.

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Posted 30 October 2015 - 06:17 AM

Continuing on from the briefing:



All of Nintendo's mobile offerings will be translated into 8 different languages and offered in over 100 countries worldwide.  Kimishima set a goal in that in 3 years time, Nintendo will start meeting or exceeding Wii and DS era profits.


EDIT - http://gonintendo.co...rs-touches-on-m


Kimishima says he's aiming for 100 to 200 million My Nintendo members next year.

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