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Mega Man cartoon- New Information

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#1 Fushigisaur


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Posted 26 May 2016 - 01:24 PM

So a while back, info started popping up of a possible Mega Man cartoon set to premier in 2017. Man of Action, the creators of the series Ben 10, are the studio behind the series.

I was cautiously optimistic at first. Ben 10 was a good show with good animation, and if it was anything like the Archie comics it had to be at least decent, right?

Today the first real information on the series surfaced beyond the fact that it exists. It's not much, just a single image and the show's premise.



The series will focus ss on the school life of Mega Man, now called Aki for inexplicable reasons, when he discovers he has the secret ability to transform into a armored warrior, or, something.

I hate to judge something on so little, but there really isn't anything good here. The art style looks like bad fanart, the premise is recycled from the short lived Dreamwave comics, and it deviates way too much from the source material.

Maybe as more information comes up leading to the show's 2017 premier, it will start to look better. But as it is now, I'm not expecting much.

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#2 Prowl 1701

Prowl 1701

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Posted 28 May 2016 - 12:02 AM

I'm not liking the look of this at all. The picture looks like Mega Man and Tron had a baby.


I think I'd rather just find the 90's series on DVD, it was really good.

#3 Ngamer01


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Posted 28 May 2016 - 06:15 AM

I think they intended this Mega Man to be a spin-off from all past Mega Man series (Classic, X, Legends, Zero, Battle Network, and Star Force).  Like if the new series does well enough, it could poke Capcom into making Mega Man games again (even if they are based on the new cartoon) or at least license the IP out to other devs to make the new Mega Man games.

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#4 Lame "PBluafnotr4d2" 87421F


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Posted 28 May 2016 - 08:35 AM

"Bad fan art" his the nail on the head, is be down with a new Mega Man TV show, but this barely seems Mega Man-related at all. All things considered, the terrible design ends up being my favorite part of it all. I don't keep up with shows like this anymore, but this sounds even worse/unrelated than Sonic Boom. I never saw the show, but I guess it'd be like the game.

#5 Billy "Buford" Morgil

Billy "Buford" Morgil

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Posted 05 August 2018 - 06:02 PM

So this thing apparently debuted this morning, and it kinda sucks. It's basically Mega Man in name only. The 90s cartoon, despite all it's flaws, was still way more accurate to the games then this crap. Basically, some kid who isn't named Rock transforms into a blue super hero who calls himself Mega Man. Dr. Light doesn't know that he's Mega Man. He has a human sister who isn't Roll. There's some annoying little robot dude who lives in his head and gives him advice and shit. There's no Dr. Wily. The enemy Robot wasn't reprogrammed for evil, and instead chose to hurt humans cuz he was tired of being bossed around, which feels more like the motivation of a Mega Man X boss as opposed to the original series. There was a forced educational message about being angry. The CG animation looked like crap. There were a few times when they did some pixelated graphics, but they didn't look anywhere close to the actual games' NES or SNES sprites. Overall, the whole thing just feels very cheap and like it was designed by committee based on what the kids these days are into.

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