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10 years of Chozo Sanctuary

Chozo Sanctuary CS anniversary

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Posted 19 June 2016 - 04:08 AM


10 years. Let's put that into amount of time in a bit of context:
  • The Luminoth Temple was open for 1 year, 6 months, and 18 days.
  • Nintendo NSider was open for 3 years, 9 months, and 24 days.
  • 10 years is roughly the entire duration of official Nintendo fan communities on the World Wide Web, going from the original Loudhouse up to NSider.
Furthermore, 10 years ago:
  • Metroid had recently released its 6 game in less than 3 and a half years.
  • The Wii and PS3 were exciting new consoles still months away from launch.
  • There were only 386 Pokémon.
  • Cammie Dunaway hadn't even joined Nintendo.
  • Matt, Boz, Craig, and Peer.
  • The biggest online console game was still Halo 2.
  • The most recent Call of Duty was Call of Duty 2: Big Red One.
  • 3D Realms, Clover Studio, Factor 5, Hudson, Midway, Pandemic, and THQ were all still open.
  • Half-Life 3 is gonna be really great guys!
  • Duke Nukem Forever is never coming out, is it?
  • Windows XP was the most recent version of Microsoft Windows.
  • Neither Gmail nor Facebook had been opened to the public, and wouldn't be for another 7 and 3 months respectively.
  • Justin Bieber's first single was still nearly 3 years away.
  • Torgo was still like a million years old.
  • Spam, EP, and Mega were active community members.
But more importantly, in that time we have:
  • Posted 118,378 times
  • Created 8,631 topics
  • Registered 718 members
  • Shouted more than 350 Sakuraaaaaais
  • Gazed upon 117 horse dicks
  • Fucked 100 penguins under bleachers
  • Who's That'd a shit-ton of Not a Pokémon (that I can't be bothered to count)
  • Hunted nearly 90 Googles
  • Pixelled more than 50 Pinks ( ;P)
  • Posted 7 other lame anniversary topics
  • Skipped 2 anniversaries, cuz fuck em
  • Rocked one awesome community
I wish I could say or do more to thank you guys for keeping this place going all these years. You have no idea how much it means.

~ Love Prime​

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