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DOOM Eternal Announced; Multiplatform (Including Nin. Switch)

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Posted 10 August 2018 - 02:22 PM


At Quakecon 2018, DOOM Eternal was announced for Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.  Running on idTech 7, DOOM Eternal will have a focus on the lore of the DOOM franchise.  In addition to classic DOOM enemies and weapons (some of them being reimagined/reworked), there will be new weapons and enemies.  Locations you can visit include Earth and Phobos.  Depending on the locales, you may even come across other human NPCs.  The game will include options for joining other players' games to get together for hunting demons and options to control demons to invade other players' games.  These options are toggable in case if you don't want to team up or get invaded.


Additional Quakecon footage/coverage:  https://gonintendo.c...ootage-round-up


Screenshots, art, and other details:  https://gonintendo.c...ameplay-details


Panic Button most likely will be heading up the Nintendo Switch version:  https://gonintendo.c...l-s-switch-port


Press Release:  https://gonintendo.c...t-press-release


EDIT - DOOM Eternal will have traditional multiplayer in addition to the Invasion multiplayer:  https://gonintendo.c...ayer-experience


EDIT 2 - https://gonintendo.c...-all-other-vers


The Switch version will launch alongside all other versions.  Panic Button is heading up the Switch version, but however the Switch version of Eternal won't have any graphical/frame rate improvements from DOOM on Switch.

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