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Xsorbit Free Message Boards!

25 December 2006 - 02:29 AM

Or not.
I'll give you the low-down on Xsorbit if you don't already know.

Xsorbit(xsorbit.com) is a Free hosted Message Board company. They're similiar to InvisionFree, in that they're using outdated software from another company. Xsorbit's using something based on SMF 1.0.5 Beta, but it's been tampered with so alot of the systems don't work properly. The MySQL's a bit old and not compatible with even SMF 1.0.5 stable, so they screwed with that. Anyways.
Xsorbit's modified SMF leaves much behind. The free plans of Xsorbit have ads, no custom smileys, no access to the board files, no package manager or modifications, limited themes, no mass email system, no attachment manager, no moderation log, no reserved names, no checking board files, no karma, no calendar, no database manager, no polls, no floating topics and no spell checker. They stripped it of all that makes it SMF.
Well, they have paid plans as well. Gold plan for about $3 per month gets you no ads and access to either the email system or the smileys, as well as Sticky posts and polls.. Platinum Plan for about $5 per month gives you back the Spell check, Mass email, Gold plan stuff, and database backups. reserved names, no ads, and smileys. Then you can move on to the server plans, which cost hundreds of dollars, but you get your very own Xsorbit board! Oh Boy Santa, that's what I want! So, you buy the server, you're still not allowed to screw with the board files, but you get more bandwidth and disk space.

So I wandered back to xsorbit tonight to see what I can do, and posted this in their "X5.1 Wish list board".

It's really quite simple. Give the users more interface similar to the software for which Xsorbit is based. Simple Machines forums has a lot more features, and remains free. If someone, say, bought the X5 or whatever plan you've got, they'd end up paying for software which is normally free, while still running it on a server. Kinda stupid, don't you agree. flower;
So, wish list is to give the users what they actually pay for.

I had been running an Xsorbit Platinum board for months until I discovered SMF, so I moved there without any help from you guys. The MySQL setup isn't compatible with any stable, or even working, version of smf. So I couldn't transfer the board. Made me sad, losing all those members.
Guess there's one thing to add to the wish list: Make your MySQL compatible with some sort of version of SMF, doesn't matter how old it is as long as it can be installed properly.

Have a good day. Masterpiece

Then I again wandered into an old message board I ran way back in January to find something interesting that I hadn't payed attention to. The links to such things as the package manager and the attachment manager were sometimes gone, but most of the time the links to these systems that are not there simply have a javascript link that says "You need to upgrade your board to do this!" when you click it. I quickly installed a 1.0.7 board and explored. Weeee! I was able to gain access to all SORTS of things on that board, parts which aren't even acessable through owning the server. Package manager, board file checks, all that stuff had been completely removed. Or so I thought. The links were simply removed, upon entrance to these dusty pages I found that they had already been customized to fit Xsorbit's standards, but they were obviously scrapped after the main design because of the power it would give the users over the board files. Package manager seemed to work, I was able to add a server and connect to SMF's mod site and download a mod. It didn't list anywhere, nor was I able to install it. There were parse errors and HTML errors after I tried it on the browse screen, so I left the page and it was fine. Next was the board file checker. Found out that it still isn't connected to SMF, so it was useless. Anothing thing I looked for was that credits page was completely removed! Not just gone from the links, but gone from the whole board! Guess they figured SMF shouldn't ge to get any glory.

So I sent this email to Lloyd, one of their techie henchmen.

Title "Yo Lloyd, shut down my board"
It's all up to you though.
[Link to board removed]

Old forum; don't need it. That and I found some security flaws you may want to look into. Nothing too serious, nothing even a hacker would do, just some links.
May I suggest actually removing full on pages? By simply using SMF's links I was able to know exactly where your links would lead, and somehow gained access to some pages which aren't available to the free plan.
Hell, I found pages that aren't even listed on any of Xsorbit's lists. Like the package manager or the moderation log.
Why you would keep those when you've removed the links and inputs but not the pages is beyond me; but remember that there are those out there who know exactly where to look without actually trying.

Now i'm emailing you because your ToS seems to have a policy about what i've done, under the network violations it lists "Taking any action in order to obtain services to which such User is not entitled. " as one of them.
So far i've been able to gain access to the package manager, moderation log, mass-emailing system, smiley settings, reserved names settings, attachment manager, and the "Check all files against current version " link.

So yeah, I violated the ToS and want you guys to know I did so you can prevent this kind of thing from happening again. You may end the account at your leisure.

Merry Christmas,
VaatixGanon =)

I'ma see what they do now. =)
I despise Xsorbit with a vengance.

My God man

17 December 2006 - 10:48 PM

I bought Twilight Princess on Wednesday for the GCN, beat it today. About 12 hours straight, beat 5 Dungeons today. The ending was overall depressing, the game was shorter than I expected, but now I need to go for sidequests.

A few rank-thoughts

28 September 2006 - 05:38 PM

This is inspired from Spam's Poll, but I don't feel as if it belongs there...

May I suggest a few groups of ranks? Such things as a group of "Blogger" ranks or "Hacker", different groups that members can choose to join by contacting an administrator to join that group. That group would be a sort of club, like those old school club things or something. They'd have private boards for planning, meetings, and just all around talking about the group. The groups could organize events or fun things to do for themselves or others, and possibly even talk with the staff about seeing if any of their ideas could happen.

Now, i'm not talking about "Special" ranks which would give the users in those ranks better abilities than the members who decided they'd rather not join a group. That would ultimately end up in a position as Nsider's former Army based ranks.
...Although I would like to see some sort of different power for each rank in the end, such as the ability to post HTML at the final rank of one of the groups, or the ability to change member title, etc....

In addition, I don't think these groups should be enemies, or do anything that would even resemble the chaos that was on Nsider before we finally beat down the Pickle army, made it a club, and finally combined it with the miltia. (Yes, it was annoying, but I finally did it, the Mysterious Pickles)
If things go like I have in mind, that wouldn't even be a possiblity.

I know this is far from happening, but I would just think this could be a fun thing to do that would bring some more events and fun times to CS. Thanks for reading, consider the post, and i'd love some feedback on my idea, good or bad.