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In Topic: Dungeons and Dragons

11 January 2007 - 09:45 AM

actually, i'm actively campaigning over at a friend's site. we're still pretty basic level (the entire party is only level 2), and we play by 3.5 rules (that's the ruleset my roommate aka the DM has), and i like it. he says it's more like the 1.X rules and that the version 2 rules had crazy stuff going on (not like i'd really know tho, this being my first campaign). it's actually pretty cool, though it runs pretty slow since the dm is too lazy/too busy to post most of the time. if you guys wanna check it out, go to this site, then go to "forums and the game" up top, then go to pretty much any link under "DM Troubadour's Game." the old campaign forums were basically the individual character backstories that brought the party together, which is where we're at now. if the DM ever starts posting, we'll actually get into some exciting stuff pretty soon here i think. and if you decide to check it out, i'm the cleric (though the long posts are probably a dead giveaway :P ).

forgot to mention: it's an eberron campaign, and he gave us an automatic level up for "role-playing" before party formation (which i consider an awesome freebie).

In Topic: Phazon

11 January 2007 - 09:19 AM

hoooo boy, here we go, this is awesome. soooo stoked. i knew there was a biological theory i left out that i actually liked, and you nailed it spam. i'm gonna stick with the compound only argument for now, and i have a lot more to say, but i don't want to dominate the board this early on, so i'll at least wait until EP posts. so he better hurry B)

In Topic: Chozo Sanctuary as number one Google Search Result

11 January 2007 - 08:32 AM

whoah, that's what he got banned for? all i remembered is that he just seemed to disappear one day. then again, it was a while before i ventured outside the metroid boards.

In Topic: Phazon

11 January 2007 - 06:53 AM

well, simply put... compounds must be made of elements, it's just that once elements join together to make molecules, we no longer call them elements. i.e. CO2 is made of two different elements covalently bonded to each other: two oxygen double-bonded to a single carbon (sorry if this sounds patronizing or somethin, just figured i'd explain it in detail for anyone who didn't know). i just put that thing in there about "abundance of rare elements" because you have to have raw material before you can get molecules. sorry if that was unclear.

In Topic: Is Zelda an RPG?

10 January 2007 - 09:47 PM

no, i don't think twilight princess (or most zelda games) are rpgs. the one exception to that is Link's Adventure for the nes, because you actually had an experience point system and the capability to level up your strength, defense, and magic power. the genre action/adventure, however, would be the category the zelda games fall under.

most people would define an rpg by its systematic, move-based battles (even action-rpgs are systematic compared to something more free-flow like an adventure game), the ability to level up and gain experience, and more often than not are party-based (though i'm sure there are some games that don't immediately come to mind that break this rule and are still considered rpgs).

most games of the zelda series do not have any of these elements. link is alone in his quest, inasmuch as he is the only character the player has direct control over; there is no "leveling up" at all, in the sense that link's damage to the enemy never goes up, nor do his defenses or magical powers (unless he gets specific items that do those things); and though link can learn a few special moves (which is a relatively new implementation in the series, barring Link's Adventure again), most of the fighting is either free form (in the 3-d games), or link can only make a forward swinging motion (in the top-down games). the only rpg-type elements that the zelda series has (epic battles, item collection, huge exploration) are found throughout nearly every genre besides games like sports, racing, or fighting games. even side-quests are becoming more ubiquitous outside rpgs, especially in adventure games, or shooters with multiple story endings and the like.

granted, it's hard to narrow a zelda game into a single category because the gameplay is so diverse (that's one of the reasons it's so great), but the one that best fits it by definition would be action adventure.