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10 January 2007 - 10:39 PM

ok, so i've waited and put it off and procrastinated, but i wanted to see a topic specifically about phazon back up on the metroid science board. in addition to that, i don't know that we ever reached a concensus on exactly what phazon was. or at least i can make a case where we came to up to four different concensuses (is that even a word?) about what phazon was. here are the three i remember best, with some explaination. oh yeah... POSSIBLE SPOILERS. and for those of you who this might find spoilers here... do yourself a favor and go play the damn games. geez.

phazon is an ELEMENT: simply put, phazon is an entirely new element not on our standard earth periodic table of elements, and as such, it has crazy properties. this provides an easy-out for many of the "problems" of phazon's properties (such as radiation and why it mutates things so quickly), because we can just say it's a special element we have no experience with. but in reality, all elements past about 105 (or somewhere around there) are extremely unstable, especially in large quantities, and can only be found in a particle accelerator. might possibly be a very strange isotope of a more stable element (and multiple isotopes could also explain the red/blue variations), however. so my verdict... unlikely.

phazon is a COMPOUND: however you want to cut it. it has an ionic molecular structure, a covalent molecular structure, it's some kind of alloy, something. it's not necessarily organic in the sense that it came from a living being, but it's not a pure substance like an element. to me, this is the most viable explaination, as it can explain the different colors of phazon (the color change could occur through oxidation, like how copper turns green when it's oxidized), it's radioactive properties (it's a compound that includes a radioactive element, and lots of them), and it has a crystalline structure (which are extremely common in salts), and could naturally be found on a planet where these more rare elements are more abundant and are capable of forming significant amounts of compound. usually, compounds are more dangerous and corrosive than elements alone (hydrochloric acid [HCl] is only corrosive because of their screwed-up electron fields after they ionize each other), so some of the danger aspect is explained there. heck, it could even be a catalyst, with a small amount of it making it easier for other nearby compounds to gain the same state or isotopic form or whatever (and catalytic/enzymatic properties could also explain its mutanogenic powers without radiation, though the radiation could help). however, this does not explain how metroid prime or dark samus (hereafter MP and DS respectively) are seemingly capable of producing phazon at will, nevermind how it's able to store insane amounts of phazon within itself. additionally, there are arguments that state that phazon looks more like a bio-product, even alive; personally, i think that's a simple aesthetic point (compounds, especially crystals, can take nearly any kind of varied appearance), but it's a point nonetheless, especially since phazon looks like it flows along in some of those phazon veins.

phazon is a BIOLOGICAL PRODUCT: which is to say, phazon is a product of MP/DS; they are the source of phazon, they produce phazon, they eat phazon, all that jazz. this has most of the same advantages as the "phazon is a compound" argument (because it would still be a compound most likely), with a few advantages. this theory also explains where the phazon comes from, and why MP/DS seem to have so much of it at their disposal. they can just shit it out! ;P there's also in-game evidence that seems to support this; chozo lore even talks about how the worm (read: MP) was the source of the great poison (read: phazon). however, from a biological standpoint, this doesn't seem to make sense. MP/DS simultaneously excretes phazon as waste, but also needs it to subsist and actively seeks out phazon; aka... it eats its own shit to live. additionally, there seems to be little or no explaination for the red phazon, other than "higher concentration," though i suppose the isotopic/oxidized/somehow chemically altered argument could also apply here. also, if MP subsisted on phazon, then it would not make much sense that exposure to phazon would mutate it (which the space pirates logged on several different computers). there is another explaination to why MP/DS seeks phazon, though i have to leave something for you guys to discuss/figure out ;) so this theory seems plausible, though to me not as likely as the simple compound theory.

hopefully this all sparks a bit of discussion, i'm looking forward to it.

some wii-friendly websites

28 November 2006 - 09:48 PM

these websites were specificially designed for web-browsing on the wii. the first is gamefaq-type thing that's supposed to have a point-and-click interface to keep us from having to type out everything when browsing; the second i'm not too sure about yet. from what i can tell, it's supposed to be kinda like digg. it seems promising, but i don't know how well it's going to work out; they haven't updated since the 18th from what i can tell, and the site redirects towards blog.wiiglobal.com instead of www.wiiglobal.com .

Wii Global

i remember there being another one with an interface much like help mii but offered links to more general sites like digg, msn.com, google, and the like, but after nearly an hour of searching, i've given up on it for now. if i happen to stumble across it again, i'll be sure to update.

Microsoft to drop 360's price???

27 November 2006 - 08:23 PM


well, there you go. pretty self-explanatory. doesn't really give the actual price drop, but this will definitely shape my decision as to which system i'll be buying when i'm back in the market for one sometime next year. oh, and another thing:

bold claim by microsoft

not that i don't believe it, in fact i wouldn't be surprised at all if 360s did in fact outsell both ps3s and wiis, but i have a hard time saying mistakes were made by sony or (especially) nintendo, considering they released as many systems as they could by launch. goes to show that an extra year on the market really helps. looks like xbox FTW right now.

an interesting take on the console "war"

27 November 2006 - 12:10 PM

Why Wii Won

i found this article that talks about how the next gen systems already seem to be panning out, thought i'd share. it doesn't really say too much new, it basically discusses the different strategies each company seemed to go with and why the writer believes nintendo will come out "on top" (not really on top, but biggest winner) this time around. the interesting part is the perspective it comes from and how it describes the economics in a way that makes sense. it's an 8-page read, but it goes by relatively fast.

My Compliments

27 November 2006 - 10:26 AM

so this might be spamming... but i really don't care. i have to say that you guys have done a top-notch job of putting this forum together. in no uncertain terms, it is badass, and in many ways i think is better than the temple. great job.

and btw, it's great to be back. ;)