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In Topic: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

13 August 2018 - 07:34 PM

This is about to be the best Smash game ever, no doubt in my mind. It seems like Sakurai is really listening to the fanbase.
I'm still praying to every deity that has ever been worshipped in the history of mankind that Banjo-Kazooie makes it in.
A few people have pointed out that there seems to be a Heroes vs Villains theme with the new character reveals. Ridley, Dark Samus, and King K Rool, Wolf (coming back). If that theme pans out we could see Shadow the Hedgehog / Octoling as echo fighters. Maybe Tom Nook LOL (He's the Villain of Animal Crossing, right??)
I'm really happy and CH'YPE AF for everything I've seen so far. Also still hoping they release a gamecube shaped pro controller. Just do it, Nintendo. Your wallet will thank you.

Shadow's a lock for a Sonic echo. It's the same thing as Dark Samus. A character that's an "echo" of a Smash fighter in their own franchise, was previously repped as an Assist Trophy, and who hasn't shown up in any of the E3 gameplay and official media. There's no chance he doesn't happen.

Octolings seem like a pretty for sure inclusion.

I'd say Ken is another locked echo, as he's literally *THE* fighting game clone character. In a game where clones are a major content category, complete with an official name and categorization scheme, there's no way in hell you don't have Ken. I know some people are learning towards Akuma because of the whole villain thing, but it's either both or just Ken.

I'm also pretty sure Liquid Snake (again, fits the template of effectively being an echo in his own franchise, and is a villain) and Jeanne from Bayonetta will be in as well.

Less sure of these:
I feel a Kong is pretty likely (Dixie for Diddy and/or Funky for DK, especially since Funky just got brought back to the spotlight)
Maybe more Star Fox characters like Slippy and Peppy (although Fox, Falco, and Wolf are already really similar so Echoes may be overkill)
Ninten for Ness
Blood Falcon to get upgraded from a palette-swap to an Echo of Captain Falcon (or maybe even just upgrade from palette-swap to named costume?), possibly Black Shadow instead
Isabelle for Villager, especially as she's become the de facto franchise mascot
Tiki for Corrin
Ms. Pac-Man for Pac-Man (perhaps unlikely given Namco's history with her)

As far as Banjo and Kazooie goes, I've been thinking they're extremely likely for a long time. They surely polled high in the ballot, Phil Spencer wants it to happen, and Microsoft and Nintendo are closer than ever. We also technically just got a Rare rep in K Rool, and this Smash seems to have a lot more western-oriented characters than before. Also in the Microsoft camp, I think Minecraft Steve and Alex are pretty likely too.

In Topic: Brinstar Cinema

03 July 2018 - 02:46 PM

Lol, it's hard to imagine LITERAL QWOP in the movie, but I assume it's gotta be close to it. I figured he was simply flailing like shit, but will, were his arms and legs broken as he struggled to ourtun lava? :D

He was shot with a tranq.

In Topic: Brinstar Cinema

03 July 2018 - 11:52 AM

LOLOLOL, I just HAD to look that up. Is this the QWOP you're talking about? :P

No. I meant it far more literally. It is shortly before that scene though.

More like this: https://www.youtube....h?v=gfHCUM_OBCc

But worse

In Topic: Brinstar Cinema

02 July 2018 - 05:54 PM

We do have member tagging, just not through hashtags. I think the next forum software has it, but considering the forum is dead and buried I'm not sure I'll ever bother getting around to doing anything with it again.

1) Yeah, saw Deadpool 2, thought it was great. Probably better than Deadpool 1, but I enjoyed the first more due it being so much more novel at the time of release. It's essentially more of the same, but bigger and better constructed all around. Don't really have much to say on it.

2) I could write novels about its flaws, but I've done that so much lately I'll just keep it short. It's just a really, really stupid movie, and less in a "dumb fun" way and more in a "my God just end".

Characters range from dull to mind-numbingly stupid (no, seriously, it has one of the stupidest characters in blockbuster history - during a dinosaur breakout one of the villains decides to open the cage to the UBER-RAPTOR villain so he can pull out its tooth and make a necklace, before dying horribly).

Character motivations are thin to non-existent, lots of remarkably ham-fisted themes, there are several nonsense scenes - a combination of all of that comes from a pointless "shocking twist" that's overly foreshadowed throughout the movie (the child in the movie is revealed to be a clone, which has no impact on the story beyond the ending where she chooses to release all of the dinosaurs into the wild on California because "I had to do it, they're alive, like me". Keep in mind there's exactly zero scenes in the movie where we ever get her reaction to finding out she's a clone and her having to cope with it - in fact no character gets a chance to react to that, so the setup to that line is non-existent an unearned. It just comes out of no where and the deadly serious delivery of the line is straight up laughable. Plus, the justification was pointless to begin with since the whole movie sets up that she loves dinosaurs and doesn't want them to die, so they could have just used that).

Then there's some intelligence-insulting tiers of pseudo-scientific nonsense (there's a scene where "paleoveterinarian" who has never met a dinosaur does a T. rex-to-raptor blood transfusion that's justified by the T. rex also being a carnivore and not having "too many fingers" which is so many levels of "THAT'S NOT HOW ANY OF THIS WORKS") sprinkled throughout, which is particularly annoying given the nature of the first film and novel pouring so much effort into its science.

Lot's of weird and out of place humor - when everything is going to shit and the island is exploding, Chris Pratt's character has to literally - I shit you not, LITERALLY - QWOP away from lava in one of the most stunningly what the fuck scenes I've ever seen.

Cringey nostalgia baiting is all over the movie, like the T. rex popping up about every 15 minutes to roar and eat something and an entirely superfluous couple of Ian Malcolm scenes nearly the entirety of which are in the trailers.


That's basically a microcosm of its various issues. Overall it's just so bad it's boring, rather than so bad it's entertaining. Especially since, despite all of this, the movie plays it extremely straight most of the time. The writer genuinely thinks it's a genius screenplay. I seriously considered walking out, which I have only done once ever.

It's reasonably well-directed, but the screenplay is easily the worst I've ever encountered for a major blockbuster. It's just bad storytelling and character writing through and through. I'd say just watch The Lost World instead. This is damn near a remake of it (I mean, it's exactly the same plot, and not in the way the TFA uses the framework of ANH's plot to tell a new story within a familiar structure, I mean it's literally the same story, just again), but dumber in every way.

In Topic: RUMOR: Retro Studios Mismanaged; At Risk of Total Shutdown

02 July 2018 - 05:20 PM

By default any bad review from an exiting employee should be met with a healthy amount of skepticism. That said, Retro finished developing Tropical Freeze in late 2013, so the fact that we've gone this long without an announcement doesn't exactly look good.

I don't think they'd ever shut down Retro though. At most they'd pull a massive management overhaul. Retro's one of their crown jewel teams and their only major western studio, so there's far too much value in them to just give up altogether. NST was never a premier studio, and they also had the unique situation of largely being overseen by NOA, which meant different circumstances for that studio, whereas Retro has always reportedly directly to NCL.