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#16524173 Official CS Mario Kart 8 Tournament Thread

Posted by Ngamer01 on 18 September 2016 - 11:51 AM

It could be worse... <.<;;




Anyways thank you Torgo for that montage!

#16524137 Did You Know Gaming Videos

Posted by Ngamer01 on 16 September 2016 - 04:30 PM

I never asked for this.  Plant might've though.  =V


#16524129 Resident Evil 7 biohazard™

Posted by Ngamer01 on 16 September 2016 - 03:20 PM



I don't know what to make of the following (as in does every trademark filing of new video games state the same thing or is there possibly something notable here):

In a trademark filing for RE 7, cartridges are listed under the formats the game will be offered in.  XBox One and PS4 do not use carts, but NX is rumored to.


But then again on the trademark listing, there's also listings for cassettes and tapes so...?


#16524121 So... What are you playing? (general discussion)

Posted by Ngamer01 on 16 September 2016 - 08:28 AM

I'm nearing the end of Twilight Princess HD, but I've had a setback.  I friggin' died in the final floors of Cave of Shadows because apparently fairies do not activate when Wolf Link dies.  I do have the Zelda and Wolf Link amiibos for heart refills, but I don't know if Zelda's amiibo will be allowed to be used in the Cave of Shadows.


I'm also nearing the end of My Nintendo Picross:  Twilight Princess.  I'm on the Miicross puzzle now.  I am also playing several other games off-and-on.  When I'm done with both TPs, I'll probably focus on Pokken Tournament and maybe resume Tales of Phantasia on the side.

#16524038 Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Posted by Ngamer01 on 12 September 2016 - 08:44 AM

I finally got back on Blops 2 since the hiatus I went on following that match with a hacker that I pointed out in my last point.


#16523973 Miyamoto unveils Super Mario Run at Apple Keynote

Posted by Ngamer01 on 08 September 2016 - 06:35 AM

Android users should not expect Super Mario Run this year:  http://gonintendo.co...es-in-2016-acco


I guess I won't get to play this until the end of next year or something.  Provided if I don't have to upgrade my phone first (Galaxy S4).  Oh wait.  I can just play the "Dash" levels on Super Mario Maker.  Silly me.  =P

#16523944 Official CS Mario Kart 8 Tournament Thread

Posted by Ngamer01 on 07 September 2016 - 07:34 AM

Torgo has already seen these, but now you can see me getting screwed (or I screw up myself).


Part 1 of 3:


Part 2 of 3:


Part 3 goes up tomorrow.  I would have had the first two parts up sooner, but I took the Labor Day holiday weekend off and yesterday I had an eye doctor appointment that took way too long (and also I had my eyes dilated -- that was fun wearing shades for four-five hours; sarcasm by the way).

#16523930 Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Posted by Ngamer01 on 06 September 2016 - 02:37 PM

If anyone is checking back, the game has bombed in Europe.  In about a week/week and a half, we'll probably get a confirmation of it bombing in America too.

#16523905 Did You Know Gaming Videos

Posted by Ngamer01 on 04 September 2016 - 08:33 AM




Where's that damn fourth Chaos Emerald?

#16523838 The YouTube/Video Thread (p.s. Other M is the shit)

Posted by Ngamer01 on 01 September 2016 - 01:03 PM

Pretty much if it's "objectionable" to a minor, you won't get paid by YouTube unless you clean up your video.


Anyways back to posting stuff found online/on YouTube.  I don't remember if I've ever mentioned brusspup, but if you like science and illusions, this guy has many videos on that.


Have a sample (brusspup is the camera operator and director of this video):

#16523782 The My Nintendo Thread - Nintendo's Rewards Program

Posted by Ngamer01 on 31 August 2016 - 07:12 AM



Nintendo has increased the expiration limit for Gold Coins on My Nintendo in that they will last a year now instead of six months.  Platinum Coins (including Miitomo ones) will still stay at expiring after six months.


Also tomorrow morning, Nintendo will put up a new batch of digital rewards and coupons to replace the ones expiring at today's end!


EDIT - Oh and before I forget.  When you use any Coins on My Nintendo, the oldest Coins earned in your history will get used up first like what Club Nintendo did back in the day.

#16523765 More NX rumors: motion control, force feedback, 720p, multitouch

Posted by Ngamer01 on 30 August 2016 - 05:17 AM



More rumors have been released, but the rumor I want to point out is the rumor mill is saying Nintendo is finally doing a PS4 and adding a share button to the NX controller/system.  The button should work the same as PS4's share button, but you are free to upload to Miiverse, YouTube, Twitter, etc. after pressing the share button.


These rumors are not yet confirmed or rejected by Nintendo, so take these how you will.

#16523685 Official CS Mario Kart 8 Tournament Thread

Posted by Ngamer01 on 25 August 2016 - 08:12 AM

The final part from last week.  I get a lil' comeback in the end for 3rd overall.


#16523611 Dark Horse to Localize Zelda: Art & Artifacts Book for 2017

Posted by Ngamer01 on 22 August 2016 - 11:30 AM



If you're a fan of Hyrule Historia (also localized by Dark Horse), Art & Artifacts will be released on February 21, 2017.  The book will have concept art and behind-the-scenes interviews regarding previous Zelda games and give a preview look into Breath of the Wild before its release later in 2017.

#16523609 The YouTube/Video Thread (p.s. Other M is the shit)

Posted by Ngamer01 on 22 August 2016 - 06:44 AM


I don't know if anyone at CS follows the Olympics or even cares, but I just wanted to relay (ha!) a skit Japan (including several top creators like Nintendo and Bandai-Namco) put together to celebrate having the 2020 Summer Olympics.  You could watch this whole thing, but the most important part I want to highlight starts at 1:10.


If you find the tweet missing later, just know NBC and the Olympic Committee are super sensitive about copyrights.


Source (including alternate video links):  http://gonintendo.com/stories/263670-closing-ceremony-of-rio-olympics-features-major-nintendo-segment