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In Topic: Chozo Sanctuary now My Little Sancuary

01 April 2014 - 05:24 PM

Pinkie said it all, but I just wanted to put down my research for a second and say how proud I am we're finally trotting this out!  Can't wait for the site to become the mane site for hardcore MLP fans to have serious discussions in a stable community.



In Topic: Star Citizen

02 March 2014 - 07:44 PM

Anyone else here know/care/excited about Star Citizen?  In case you haven't heard what it is, it's a fully crowd funded  PC space flight/combat/exploration simulator with a persistent world/MMO in addition to a single-player campaign, being designed by the guy who made the Wing Commander games (which I've never played, but wish I had...).  They're about to hit the $40 MILLION mark, meaning the game already has a bigger budget than most AAA games, especially if you consider that more than half of the budgets of high-profile games goes into marketing, not development.*


It's still pre-alpha, though their release pipeline is not really broken into the usual alpha -> beta -> release format; they are developing all the aspects of the game in such a way that they can release "modules" individually as they are ready for testing by funders.  So far they have released the "hangar module", which basically just gives you a hangar containing one or more of the ships you have purchased with your "pledge." Not all of the purchasable ships have been implemented fully enough in-engine to be available in the hangar module, but the most popular ones are, and you can walk around the exterior, go inside and check out the cockpits, cargo bays, turrets, etc.  The game is being built with the CryEngine 3, so it looks amazing and the bulk of the first-person movement and controls were functional out of the box.


They recently implemented "organizations" in the website and community, which are basically guilds, so I wanted to find out if anyone else here has gotten involved in this, or if I'd be the only member of a CS organization.



*Here's an already-outdated article about it.

In Topic: The Impact Crater

12 January 2014 - 03:05 PM


Oh, and I'd love GTA V on Wii U, but.... motherfucking pressure-sensitive triggers... Fuck you, Nintendo. I REALLY don't get why the fuck they omitted them from the GamePad and Pro Controller's designs!!! I mean, shit, you can't even play many GCN games properly without them, including Luigi's Mansion and Super Mario Sunshine!! >:(


Shit, I hadn't actually even noticed that.  I guess Nintendo figured there weren't enough reasons for third-party publishers not to put multiplatform games on Wii U also.



@Conker, few things:

- I thought it was usually the editor or publisher who wrote the summary on the back?  

- Is that really much longer than normal for the genre?  

- Main character's name seems rather difficult to pronounce... >_>

In Topic: Bioshock Infinite Info Thread

12 January 2014 - 02:56 PM

You can replay chapters of the game, though, can't you?  Anyway it's definitely worth replaying IMO.  I'm not completely sure that even after two playthroughs I fully understand the implications of the ending.  I haven't played the Rapture DLC yet, so I'm hoping that sheds some light on it (but not holding my breath....)


For the record, Infinite was probably my favorite game of the year, despite the rather unexceptional combat.  I'm not sure anything in a game has emotionally affected me as strongly as the Comstock House section did.

In Topic: The Impact Crater

07 January 2014 - 02:47 PM

Yeah, that's what made sense to me, lol, but I wasn't suure if you were asking about Wii U or 3DS again. :P You see, after u left us, I started to wonder if you liked Nintendo anymore either. :P I actually thought you skipped Wii U altogether. Did you get one fo Christmas? I'm pretty sure I recall searching to no avail for a Spameroo on Nintendo Network sometime after Wii U launch. Either way, I'm glad you picked one up. :3


It's not an issue of liking Nintendo or not, as much as not wanting to buy systems with no games I want to play.  Buuuut then Nintendo made a Collector's Edition Wii U with awesome Zelda-themed gamepad, so in September I got one for my birthday :D  Of course there was still only the one game that I wanted to play, which despite being an excellent remake, was still a remake...  It's kind of sad that the Wii U has been such an abysmal failure, since it's overall a much better system than the last two Nintendo consoles.  For some incomprehensible reason, Nintendo seems to want it to fail.  The system's been out for more than a year, and there aren't many more games now than at launch.  It's disappointing enough that there's pitiful third-party support - that's nothing new, although I'd have thought Nintendo would have realized by now that it's unsustainable - but the first-party support has been just as meager.  A side-scrolling Mario game at launch, a niche strategy game (Pikmin), and a remake of a 10-year-old Gamecube game?  Microsoft and Sony can afford to focus on improving the console itself and just release the occasional AAA first-party game, but that's because they have other publishers competing to produce AAA games for their systems.  At the end of the day, it's not Kinects or tablet controllers that drive people to buy consoles, it's games they want to play.  If Nintendo had taken, say, $10 million, to Rockstar Games a year ago and said "we want you to release GTA V on Wii U alongside 360 and PS3, and we will help you improve it to take advantage of our more powerful hardware and tablet controller," then I guarantee you they'd be in a much better position than they are now.


I can't stay mad at you :( FORGIVE ME AND STILL BE MY FRIEND