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Cutter's AA campaign

20 September 2006 - 03:56 PM

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This, my friends, is the start of my Anti-Andy campaign on Nsider. It'll be a series of sig add-ons that I'll add to my signiture to stir up controversy, and maybe get those bloody Nsiders to think. I'll eventually make a thread out of them if I can.

I really am determined to do this. Andy is pissing me off more than ever. Besides, that add-on isn't as bad as my original idea...

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What do you guys think? Am I being a dumbass? Should I tone it down a bit? Is the whole thing hopeless?

Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon

19 September 2006 - 12:57 PM

I'd actually like to take back the comments I made before when I played the demo back at the Nintendo tour in Australia. After reading some stuff, the game actually looks really, really cool. You select a mission, run off to complete it, and all that, but with Pokemon characters everywhere. Plus, you can recruit any Pokemon to join your team(or so I've heard), as long as you meet certain requirements.

Plus, over at Nsider, they've got this nifty SOS feature when you can "rescue" other players in your game by entering a ridiculously long password back and forth. Wifi would have been nice, but this is still a cool feature.

Anywho, what do you guys think of the game?

Wii: A household item?

18 September 2006 - 02:02 PM

Originally posted here.

Well, I've read the complaints on the forums. Everyone is moaning about the Wii's price tag. Boo hoo, $250.

Yeah, okay... It's expensive. Only $50 less than a core X-box 360. Oh, and now the combined price of an X-box 360 and Wii isn't equal to the PS3's price tag. There goes that propaganda.

I have to admit. Nintendo IS being cheap. This price tag would be a bit easier to swallow if the controller wasn't $40 just for the Wiimote. I mean, if we got an attachment with the Wiimote, that'd be just great, but we're not. Heck, for a Wiimote and nunchuk, I could buy a new game and still have some money left over. No muy bueno, Nintendo.

Yes, the wavebird cost $35, and regular GC controllers were what, $25? Even so, the price tag for the Wii controllers is, simply put, outragous. Even with the built-in memory, rumble pack(or did they remove that?) and 3-D space detection, it can't honestly cost $40 to produce. If you look at the nunchuk, it's even simpler. An analogue stick, 2 buttons and a gyroscope.

We gamers can dream, though, can't we? Wouldn't it be nice if, say... The Wii cost $200, came with 2 Wiimotes and 2 nunchuks, and came packaged with Wii sports? Or if the Wiimote cost $30, and the nunchuk $5?

Yeah, that's stretching it a bit. Okay, $250 Wii, but it comes with 2 nunchuks and 2 Wiimotes, plus Wii sports. Then, lower the price of the Wiimote to, say, $35, and the nunchuk to $10. NOW we're getting there.

I mean, the Wii was ment to be a cheaper alternative to the 360 and PS3. I don't think that ANY non-gamer is going to want to put down $250 for a Wii. It's a HUGE investment. Naturally, kids will be able to convince their parents to buy them a Wii for the holidays, and it's likely that their parents will give it a spin and maybe even enjoy it, but non-gamers are NOT going to go out and buy a Wii out of curiousity. It's never going to happen.

People also talk about how the Wii should have the same non-gamer appeal as the DS. Well, that's not going to happen, either. The DS Lite is $130, and games are $30. You don't need to buy anything else to dig in and have a blast. Plus, there are Touch Generations titles to look into to appeal to non-gamers. With wireless multiplayer, Pictochat and single-card multiplayer, it's easy to play with others(even though they will need their own DS').

Nintendo is simply banking on the fact that it's fanbase will buy the Wii at $250, which is going to happen. $250 isn't unreasonable. In fact, it's exactly what they promiced. Gamers are willing to pay that much for the console, and will pick up the essential accessories(various controllers, Wiipoints, the web browser) as they go.

It's just not going to appeal to non-gamers. At a nice, round $200, with 2 controllers and a game, it would be a must-have for gamers, no matter how fanboyish they were to other consoles. Then, the gamers would introduce it to their parents. Their parents might get into it, have a blast, and introduce it to other parents. The other parents will consider buying it for their kids, as something that they and their kids can do together and have fun with. Then they show pretty much anyone who comes over, and the cycle continues.

It'd be an incredible phenomenon on par with the DS' current success in Japan, but it'd spread all over the world, and to a much higher scale. The Wii would be sold out all over the world, with incredible demand. It'd receive the natural positive reports from the media, and, essentially, be a household item.

Wasn't that Nintendo's plan, back when the Wii was still called the Revolution?

Ah well. Nintendo is far from perfect. They're out to make a quick buck, and straying from their original plan. It's okay, though. They're still delivering a console in high demand, and maybe this time next year, Nintendo will announce a price drop, or bundle new goodies in with the Wii's current price. Then it'll be one step closer to Miyamoto's original vision of the Wii: A household item.

NSMB item idea

06 August 2006 - 03:08 AM

There should have been more items for NSMB. Instead of just the usual power-ups, they could have been a bit creative and come up with some more stuff. So here's a bunch of stuff I think that they should have added to make the items system more interesting. Feel free to add your own:

First of all, you should start off with only one item slot... But you can buy two more with coins. Yes, coins. You see, instead of using coins only to get an extra life, coins should be used to buy stuff. You can buy 1-ups at the stores for 100 coins, but there are also other things to buy. An extra "pocket" would cost about 250 coins for the first one, and 500 for the second.

Second, there should be a universal "bank" that can be accessed at any store, simmilar to the item storage of SMB3. You can store any items in your pockets there, as well as take items out. If you're holding a Fire Flower in a stage and you get a Mushroom, the Mushroom goes into the "bank".

Now, onto the store:

Mushroom - 15 coins
A basic Mushroom. Not very interesting.

Fire Flower - 30 coins
Fire Flower. Yay!

Mini Mushroom - 40 coins
Turn tiny with the mini mushroom.

Blue Shell - 60 coins
Rush though levels with the Blue Shell.

Mega Mushroom - 160 coins
Crush anything in your path until time runs out.

Starman - 50 coins
Summon a Star to turn invincible for a bit.

Greenshell - 5 coins
A Green Shell appears in front of Mario. You can hold up to 3 of them in one item pocket.

Triple Green Shells - 15 coins
Three Green Shells rotate around Mario upon use, creating a sheild. To fire them, press "B".

Red Shell - 7 coins
Like a Green Shell, but faster. Can hold up to 3 in one pocket.

Triple Red Shells - 20 coins
Three Red Shells rotate around Mario upon use, creating a sheild. To fire them, press "B".

Spiny Shell - 40 coins
A Spiny Shell suddenly appears, and attacks all enemies on screen, then rushes forward to seek out more enemies to destroy. If you can't keep up with it and it goes too far offscreen, it'll disappear. If you use it on a boss, it'll fly over the boss, make a quick spin around, then crash down and explode, dealing "1" damage to the boss.

Lakuto Cloud - 35 coins
Summon a Lakuto Cloud to ride around on. Disappears after a minute or so, and you'll fall out if you take damage.

Golden Shell - 10 coins
Makes a Golden Shell appear in front of Mario. When you throw it, Mario performs a handstand on it, staying on top of the shell as it goes. If you hold down "B", it'll start going up, and if you don't hold "B" it sinks. If you crash into a wall, Mario falls off, but you can rush through any enemies this way. You can hold up to 2 in one pocket.

Lightning - 15 coins
Upon use, Lightning strikes every enemy onscreen, destroying them.

As usual, when posted on Nsider, the only posts it got were spam, and it didn't even reach page two. Pity. Anywho, what do you guys think of my ideas? Go ahead and add your own, I want to see what you guys can make up.

Another glitch in MP:H

24 June 2006 - 06:15 AM

In combat hall, get a bunch of missiles and the Magmaul and head into the tunnel-like section. Back into the corner(the one closest to the health and ammo spawn points), and face towards the ground. Charge up a missile or the Magmaul, and fire it at the ground. It'll damage you, but shove you through the wall. There is a little section near the wall of invisable platform, and you can walk around on it.

This glitch can be performed regularly if you get it down. It only works on Wi-fi, though, for some strange reason. Actually, I think it just might only work in 2-player matches. Offline, I've only tried it with 3 bots at a time... So maybe with 1 bot it'll work.

Anyway, don't post this on Nsider. The world will know, that way. And though I doubt any of you Templars will still play MP:H regularly, this glitch is pretty fun to confuse the fuck out of 1-stars. :D