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The Land of Glass

26 February 2018 - 01:52 PM

I don't post much here anymore, so I don't know how many of you actually know I've been making a video game. Probably enough because this has been a five-year project and I imagine I mentioned it at least once or twice over that time span. It's not like this site has grown in membership since then.


Anyhow, we got a Steam page and an official trailer on Youtube





AMA, I guess. Share if you think it looks cool. We don't have a marketing budget right now so it's kinda word of mouth and hoping websites will read the emails I've sent.

We fucked up guys. We fucking fucked up. Fuck

29 September 2016 - 06:56 PM



Our legacy is dying




We are no longer the first or even second result when googling Nintenporn. We are number nine. NINE. You know what happened to nine? he got fucking eaten by fucking seven. Piece of shit.


I hope you all realize this is what death feels like. I'ts cold and lonely and the tunnel closes upon nothing but empty Samus tits. They flab and fold because we've grown old, and now we're dead, so embrace the cold.


I hate love all of you.


Edit, at the same time this site is delivering on some serious Peach tits. Like goddamn them knockers




Super NSFW in case any of you idiots are that idiotic. (You know who I'm talkin' about ;) ;) ;) )

Plant has bad tastes. Also, Half-Life 3: coming today!

22 May 2016 - 06:02 PM

As someone who's never played either of the first two games, I don't get why they're loved so much. I just see some Tenchi-Muyo-lookin' muh'fucker, but there must be something that makes his games so good. Is it just the story, or are they games that were "good for their time" or "ahead of their time" and nowadays they're just cult favs?


Global Game Jam 2016

02 February 2016 - 02:26 PM

Last weekend I participated in the 2016 Global Game Jam, which is basically a congregation of crazy nerds who think it's a good idea to build a functioning video game in 48 hours. It's something my bro hits up every year because he's a wiz programmer, and this is basically his equivalent to Christmas. He gets so fucking excited, and he's wanted me to come with him for the last two years now.


I finally did because the prototype we wanted to make could become a future big project. Seemed like a good excuse.


Holy shit guys, what a weekend I had!


First, I got there and immediately got hit with a cold. There's been a bad one going around work, and it hit me at the worst time. Nose got all clogged, throat hurt, fever, no appetite, etc. I basically wanted to go home during orientation.


So we get everyone together in a small room, and it's the biggest, most colorful cast of nerds I've ever seen. I don't ever really talk to gamers in the RL, just online, so being surrounded by them was one part cool and one part kind of strange. The first conversation I was thrust into involved Star Wars, and that level of talk basically never stopped. If it wasn't that it was games or anime or Magic the Gathering or MLP or game music.


But there was no ridicule or anything like that. Just people having a fucking good time and enjoying each others' company.


We set up shop in the one room with windows--called the Fishbowl--and find out the computers don't have some of the software we need. It takes us a few hours to get it up and running thanks to the help of an IT guy, so we're already behind. The PC I picked also had a bad habit of just turning the fuck off whenever it wanted to.


But we get going, and our first partner shows up. Her name is Courtney, and she's a pretty damn spiffy artist if you need anything pixelated or adorable. We needed the former, and were alright with the latter.


Our fourth partner remoted in via Skype. He also is an artist and quiet good with the pixel based stuff. He did a great job.


The game we set out to build is a roguelike Western. You defend a train from monsters in a kind of tower defense style. If a car blows up, all pieces attached to it go away. The problem is, the best items are at the very end of the train, so you gotta protect that or you'll lose all your ammo and health. There's also a day/night cycle, with the harder enemies showing up at night.


The TL/DR is we finished the game and in a very workable state. I did all the sound design/music, which I'm happy with.


It can be downloaded herebut know that you'll need two controllers to play it.


For those without that setup, here's a quick youtube video:



All around, it was a positive experience. I met and hung out with some really cool and talented people. Lots of fun despite being sick as a dog. Thankfully Dayquil is a thing.


08 October 2015 - 03:13 PM

I think I mentioned this little game once in the Impact Crater, but it deserves its own thread because it's rad as fuck.


Jotun is a Kickstarter success story and one I'm happy to say I got to back. The game is fucking GORGEOUS with all hand-drawn/hand-painted artwork. The creators were going for Studio Ghibli, and eh. I dunno if they hit that lofty mark, but they certainly are in the ballpark.


One of the things I love about awesome indie games is how they'll break the mold in terms of art style. Jotun, Bastian, Transistor, all are amazing to just look at. Hell even something like Super Meat Boy looks good with what it does. Smooth as butter, that game.


Anyways, back to Jotun.


So the premise is you're a dead viking warrior lady stuck in Viking Purgatory. Only those who die noble deaths can get into Valhalla, which is a problem, but thankfully Odin has some challenges for you: KILL BIG ASS MONSTERS WITH YOUR BIG ASS AXE


So you go do that.


The game build itself on killing the six bosses found throughout Viking Purgatory--which is awash in Norse mythology. All of the bosses are big, spectacle fights and hard as fuck, so those in for that kind of challenge will love this one.


The last boss is a motherfucker.


SO yeah. I reviewed it for a website. That can be found here, but honestly, this post is kind of hte TL/DR of it http://wethenerdy.com/jotun-review/